Courtesy of: Wisconsin Historical Society, WHS-52558

the appleton woolen mills

was built in stages between 1881 and 1962. The Appleton Woolen

Mills (later Appleton Mills) was a locally-significant company manufacturing papermakers' felt, an unusual and important product in the context of Appleton's industrial history.

Situated in

northeastern Wisconsin, the city of Appleton became a center of paper manufacture thanks to its

abundant raw materials of wood and water.

Papermakers' felt is essential in the industrial manufacture of paper, facilitating the shaping of pulp into continuous sheets of paper.

Courtesy of: Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory

Advertisement, 1903. (Printed in the trade journal, Paper Mill and Wood Pulp News, 10/24/1903)

Advertisement, 1920. (Printed in the trade journal Paper, 5/19/1920)

Courtesy of: Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory

 The Appleton Woolen Mills was a local manufacturer of this essential papermaking product, and papermakers' felt was manufactured in this building from 1890, when the company's production of the material began, to 1969, when Appleton Mills moved to a new factory elsewhere in appleton.


Appleton Woolen Mills touted itself as the only source of papermakers' felt "west of Ohio." As such, its manufacture was a critical component in paper making for many papermakers during much of the twentieth century. The Appleton Woolen Mills prided itself on serving paper manufacturers nationally and internationally. 

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